URGENT announcement from the desk of Master Trader, Timon Rossolimos

'Today, I'm breaking all the rules!'

I'm giving you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over 99% of the traders out there

Dear frustrated trader, 
This email isn’t going to make me very popular in the trading community.
No ways.
In fact, professional traders will hate me for what I’m about to do.
And who can blame them?
Because I’m about to show you a way to “hack” the secrets that have made them so rich!
These are secrets they’ve done everything they can to keep you away from.

Secrets that, up until today, they’ve done a pretty good job hiding.
But that stops right now!
Starting today, you can be the type of trader who:
•  Cuts your trading time in half and cashes in on mind-blowingly profitable trades using trading tips, tools and tricks that actually work…
•  Earns a better salary trading 20 minutes a day than you do from your day job…
•  Knows how to bulletproof your portfolio so you never lose your shirt in the market…
•  Adopts the millionaire mind-set and never agonises over a trading decision ever again…
How is all that possible?
Because, today I’m sharing insider information most traders will NEVER have access to. Insider information that’ll help you beat the odds and become a successful Master Trader starting right now.
But before I tell you more about this, I want you to understand why I’m confident this will work for you.
It took me (an academic with an IQ of 125!) seven years to crack the secrets to trading success

I’m Timon Rossolimos. Academic, professional trader and the author of eight best-selling trading books.
These days, I provide market insights to over 67,532 traders a week, make guest appearances on radio, regularly host trading workshops and share the secrets to my trading success with the 1,133 traders I mentor.
But despite all this, I’m just an average guy.
The only difference between you and I is, I’m a guy who’s made a LOT more mistakes than most traders.
And that’s one definition of an expert: Someone who’s made more mistakes than you.
Since 2003, I’ve been passionate about trading the markets. That’s 16 years now and I believe I’ve made just about every mistake you can.
I learnt the secrets to trading success the hard way. The very hard way!
Even today, this surprises me.
You see, when I started trading, I thought success would come easy. The thing is, with an IQ of 125 (something only 5% of the entire global population can boast), I thought figuring out the perfect way to trade the markets would be a cinch.
Boy was I wrong! (Even my Economics degree did me little good!)
So I did what anyone in my position would do.
I attended so many trading seminars the number would make your head spin, studied over 120 “must-read” trading books and spent countless hours at my desk switching from this trading strategy to that in the hope that I’d one day stumble across the “holy grail” of trading.
It was exhausting.
And believe me, my personal life suffered quite a bit.
I spent so many hours with my nose buried in trading manuals, staring bleary-eyed at hundreds upon hundreds of charts, I had no choice but to turn down just about every invitation that came my way. 
Then seven years ago, I finally figured out the key to being a successful trader.
It was a long, hard journey. And if I could have one wish today, I’d send my younger self the email you’re reading today. Had I read what you’re now reading back in 2003, those years would’ve been very different.
Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer the same fate.
You can stop spending hours reading big, heavy, boring books filled with trading theory. You can turn off the TV, realising that the next “hot tip” from the “guru of the day” probably isn’t going to pad your wallet any time soon. And you can stop wondering and worrying about how to make money trading the markets.
Because I’m about to hand you the insider information you need to trade confidently – and dare I mention successfully? – Starting today.
I’ve compiled everything I’ve learnt into the fastest (and most-proven) path to trading success
Whether you’re a complete beginner or a trader with decades of experience, I know this insider information will be of immense value to you.
And that’s why I recently sat down and compiled it all into 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time:

A special book, where I pass on every strategy, every tip, every lesson to successfully trade any market.
And while I know 84 lessons sounds like a lot to learn – and master – it’s actually not.
Because what these lessons actually do, is guide you through “Seven Trading Success Modules” – each one designed to play a pivotal role in guaranteeing your ultimate trading success.
Introducing the seven “Modules” to your trading success
Trading Success Module One sets the stage…
It focuses on simplicity.
Because here’s something professional traders won’t tell you:

If you want to join their ranks, forget all those convoluted, complicated tricks, tips and trading plans you’ve spent years trying to wrap your head around.
You need to go back to basics!
And in this Module, you’ll discover:
1. What trading is and how to get started.
2. The most important instruction you’ll ever give your broker.
3. A trio of simple techniques that’ll guarantee you never lose more than 2% of your cash on a single trade ever again.
4. The secret to the most profitable and effortless trading instrument in the world
5. Plus five other techniques to kick-start your ascent to trading mastery.
From there, you’ll move swiftly on to Trading Success Module Two.
Here, you’ll discover how to master the most important piece of trading gear at your disposal: Your eyes.
That’s right. I said “your eyes”.
In this Module, I’ll reveal a handful of chart patterns you need to look for to go from novice to trading ninja. I’ll show you what they look like, how they work, how to spot them and how to use them to predict your next big winner. 
Next comes Trading Success Module Three. A Module that covers something I call “The Three Ts”.
This Module contains 11 of the most profitable, most proven Trading Tips, Tools and Tricks to empower your financial future. With these in your trading arsenal, you’ll have a detailed plan that’ll get you cashing in more profitable trades than you lose.
Trading Success Module Four launches you into the protection phase of the programme.
Yup. I’m talking about money management.
In 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time, you’ll discover the 11 steps you need to take to bulletproof your trading from total wipe-out.
And let me warn you: This is by far the most CRUCIAL Module I cover in 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time. Without it, you may as well flush you money down the toilet.
Then, in Trading Success Module Five, I’ll help you develop the mind-set of a millionaire trader. This section contains 16 of the most powerful pieces of trading psychology out there. You won’t find this information anywhere else. And I guarantee, the right mind-set is what truly separates you from traders who make their living from the market.
Trading Success Module Six in 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time contains the best pieces of advice I’ve ever learnt from my personal mentors.
From the trading principles I learnt from UK trader, Gary Lafferty, to those of Chris Gardner – a guy who went from broke to multi-millionaire – these insights contain everything you need to become a trading expert.
And finally, in Trading Success Module Seven, we’ll hone in on Forex trading. With $5.3 trillion traded on this market every day, no trader worth his salt can afford to ignore this profit-explosive market. And in my book, I’ll show you to safely lock in gain in this “risky” market.
With these proven techniques, tips and secrets, there’s no question in my mind that 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to be successful trader.
In fact, together, I believe these 84 lessons contain everything you need to elevate your trading skills very quickly and turn your track record around.
How can I be so sure?
Because that’s what happened to me!

  Timon, please teach me how to be a Master Trader!
If you’re serious about profiting, I urge you to read this book BEFORE
you put on another trade!

Remember, these are trading lessons that took me over a decade of professional trading to learn and perfect.
They’re the exact methods I use to routinely rake in handsome returns from the market.
Gains like:
•  63.81% from Remgro in less than seven days.
•  74.01% from a British pound/US dollar trade in just three days.
•  75.13% from Sanlam in just shy of a month.
•  43.80% from a Kumba Iron Ore trade in less than one month.
•  And much more…
In fact, these methods are so effective, I’ve used them to develop a trading strategy that’s turned 90% of my monthly trades into winners. A strategy that currently helps me cash in around R20,000 a month – trading part-time.
And that’s why, I guarantee that once you start applying the lessons in my Seven Trading Success Modules, your skills will improve with each passing day.
In fact, I’m so convinced that your trading knowledge and confidence will grow day by day, week by week, month by month, I’m willing to put my neck on the line to prove it.
I’m so confident that you’ll no longer struggle with the trading process... That trading opportunities will simply come to you… That you’ll instinctively know when to get in and out of your trades... That your copy of 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time comes with my personal 90 day money back guarantee!
That’s right.
If these lessons don’t turn your trading success around, I’ll give you a full refund at any time during the first 90 days.
Because the truth is, if you don’t see results, I don’t want your money.

I hope that shows you how much I believe in the lessons that made me the successful trader I am today.
I thought so…
  Timon, please teach me how to be a Master Trader!

So let’s get down to business…
How much would you pay for a resource that contains insider information guaranteed to help you beat the odds and become a successful Master Trader starting today?
Order today and you’ll secure your copy of 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time for the special launch price of just R397!
Now I know that’s ridiculously cheap, but I have a confession to make.
You see, I’m not like other professional traders who are happy to stand on the side-lines while you battle to make money trading the market.
I’m not okay with that fact that you’re using risky, overrated, half-effective strategies and tips when there are proven tips and secrets that get the job done better, safer and faster.
And I certainly don’t sanction the commonly belief that trading the market is the realm of the “elite”.
That’s why, I want to put this insider information into the hands of as many traders as I can.
In fact, I’ve risked a LOT to get this information to you.
I’ve gone against my publisher’s orders and priced this essential book at the cheapest price I possibly could.
With these tools in your arsenal, your trades are guaranteed to triumph.
Plus, if you’re one of the first 75 traders to respond to this email, I’ll give you ongoing support – so you can come back to me for help whenever you’re faced with a new trading challenge or to simply ask me question about the lessons you’ve learnt.
All this is yours at the special price of just R397 if you claim your copy today!
Don’t delay.
Get your hands on a copy of 84 Top Trading Lessons of All Time and start your ascent to trading mastery.
Trade well, 

Timon Rossolimos
Head Trader, FSPInvest.co.za

  Timon, please teach me how to be a Master Trader!

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